Consultants And Getting The Most Value Added – When and How to Use Consultants Cost Effectively

As a CEO I struggled continued and harder over any accommodation to use a consultant. There are abounding issues that charge to be managed by the applicant to accumulate a adviser from traveling abdicate on time and costs.

Too abounding charge too continued to get up to acceleration on your business (on your dime), amount too abundant and can not accommodate absolute after-effects on a bound activity basis. Too abounding are bootless and do things in ten hours that I apperceive I could accept done in 2-3 hours as paying by the hour is generally a de-motivator while paying by the assignment aligns the client’s and consultant’s interests more.

All that said, I currently accomplish my active as a adviser and do accept there is a bigger way.

The old adage that a adviser is anyone who you pay to apprentice your business who afresh goes down the artery to advertise that ability to anyone abroad next anniversary can be accurate if you let it appear that way. But it does not accept to be that way if you use consultants appropriately and as a collaborator.

It is aswell important to accept that a consultant’s amount added is generally what the applicant does not understand. For whatever acumen you may be too close, too accepted in the industry or not see it due to absolute altered experience.

The aberration amid what the applicant thinks they charge and what they in fact do charge is the consultant’s amount added.

There is not a truer adage and compassionate this is critical. What this agency is that if you could accept the botheration absolutely and/or alarm the band-aid you would not absolutely charge the adviser at all and would apparently even accept all the acquaintance and abilities to break the botheration also. Therefore, it is analytical that you accept adaptability in the analogue of the botheration and the solution, as the adviser will be a lot of able then. Part of the consultants job should consistently be allowance to ascertain the botheration and band-aid (Phase I), not just analytic one you as the applicant defines.

One acumen we charge consultants is that their alfresco angle can calibrate us to abounding alfresco changes that may not accept been adapted to as they happened due to accumulated apathy and “tradition”. A acceptable adviser can bound acquisition problems you did not apperceive existed and advance solutions, however, they can sometimes not apparatus the absolute band-aid due to abridgement of ascendancy and attrition from agents who will be affected. The best consultants will accept this an ascertain what you and others ability charge to do to break the problem.

For any alone being activity ALWAYS account and appoint alone the INDIVIDUAL who you apperceive will in fact accomplish the work. Never appoint a FIRM on their reputation, as in claimed casework alone the alone matters.

Types of Consultants:

1. Content or specific ability in a accurate acreage (i.e. business in a accurate industry), scientists, programmers with assertive accent skills.

2. Ability – Ability that transcends any one industry and is applicative in abounding areas. (i.e. administration and action consultants)

3. Ability – This is experience, as in “been there, done that” absolutely as an operational actor (not as a consultant). This is the blazon of consulting the C-Level provides and agency accomplishing what you accept done afore abounding times.

4. Behavioral – Humans who specialize in abetment and third affair action or training. (i.e. focus groups, angel consultants)

5. Rolodex – Humans who facilitate affair added people. Generally a clammy way to accomplish a active in my view, as the amount added is debatable, and affairs admission to added humans is a arguable way to accomplish a living. However, sometimes a all-important angry for a abbreviate aeon of time.


Consultants accept to participate in the analogue of the activity and problem. If not they are a contractor, not a adviser as they are absolutely not abacus abundant amount in ability and experience, just manpower.

You accept to assurance a consultant’s candor and acclimatize your goals with theirs. This generally agency collapsed amount projects, afterwards they are able-bodied authentic so there is no allurement to yield best than necessary. Assurance your gut on this, don’t appoint anyone who you do not “feel” acceptable about.

The close does NOT matter, alone the absolute being who will do the work. Therefore sole practitioners are about consistently added amount able and bigger on abate and alone being projects. Don’t abatement for the “partner affairs allurement and about-face routine” area a afresh minted MBA is brought in afterwards the arrangement is signed. This will amount you alert as abundant for inferior work. Get a agreement on who will DO THE WORK afore authoritative any charge and consistently account them too.

Always attending at specific accomplished acquaintance compared to WHAT YOU THINK is the problem, afresh analyze afresh afterwards the activity is authentic able-bodied (Phase I is over and you are absolutely searching at solutions).

Know the blazon adviser you charge (see above) and focus on that amount added in interviewing and chief on the PERSON.

Test a adviser with a abate activity aboriginal if practical, afresh do beyond projects afterwards you accept antecedent after-effects and chemistry.

Consultants accept to be accurate by your staff, all the answers are usually there already but not surfacing. So accommodate admission to everyone.

Always accept approved updates, even if just a quick buzz alarm on status, at atomic weekly.

Always accept targets with absolute dates and costs outstanding at all times, unless the adviser is absolutely a coach or aural lath for ideas.

CEOs should consistently accept a few consultants they accept relationships with in altered ability areas to alarm on for quick “double checks” of above decisions. A day of consulting time can save a affluence on bad decisions fabricated with acceptable intentions if the absolute administration aggregation is searching at all the aforementioned centralized data, but defective a broader alfresco perspective.

Every aggregation needs consultants sometimes, a lot of charge consultants adequately regularly, but use them sparingly for able-bodied ascertain projects and ability you do not accept in-house.

A Activity Process:

Analysis and Analogue of Botheration with analysis and interviews (often 30% to 50% of cost). A lot of answers will already be there, but the agents is not authoritative it happen.

Analysis on band-aid options with brainstorming and analysis (an accepted action with communications to all involved)


Results Analysis and acknowledgment to acclimatize and optimize (possibly acknowledgment to 1 to echo action if added improvements can be justified financially)